Photo Booths

Award Winning DJs & Photo Booths For Any Event!

Photo Booths For Every Occasion

Our Photo Booths are perfect for any gathering. Whether your event is in the greater San Francisco Bay area, Sacramento Valley, or even the Reno/Tahoe area we have you covered!  Your attendees will walk away with a great remembrance of your event, with custom designed logos from our in house design team. If you need to rent a photo booth for your Wedding, Sweet 16 or Corporate Event, we have all the options you will ever need!  You can also save scheduling headaches, and money by combining our photobooth with our DJ or event lighting services.  We are a one stop solution!

Our photo booth rentals are the best in the business!  As you shop around you will realize, this is no ordinary photo booth.  Ours are a true PHOTO BOOTH!  Not some person with a digital camera on a tripod and a cloth backdrop, and a noisy inkjet printer on a table.  (there are a lot of these guys out there)

Or worse, a bunch of pipes cobbled together and draped with black cloth.  Basically and EZ-UP tent with walls.  Oh, the things that we have seen that people have called a photo booth.  

Well, don’t be fooled. Not all Photo booths are created equal.  Ours is manufactured by a company that only makes photo booths.  Strange right?!  We are all about quality.  From how our booths look, to the instantly dry, waterproof strips they print out in 7.5 seconds. (the fastest on the planet)

Here’s how it works: 

One of our friendly attendants will suggest you wear some of our fun props.  The touch screen interface will walk you through the photo taking process.  Our photobooth will ask your guest(s) to choose whether you would like to have your prints in color or black and white.  Your guests can even email their photos to themselves and then forward them to friends, or post them to their favorite social media.  You can even upload your photos directly to Facebook from the booth!  These are the fastest booths in the world, they print photo strips in 7.5 seconds. This means your lines are shorter allowing your guests to enjoy more of your event.

After the event we will burn a DVD of all digital photos and videos taken, so that you keep the memories!


  • Pricing varies based on many factors
  • Please call or fill out a Quick Quote for additional hours.
  • Deposit to reserve your photo booth is $195
  • Customization of screens and logos is included.
  • Facebook integration. Upload guests’ strips to their Facebook wall instantly (subject to an available wi-fi signal)
  • Instant reprints $100/hr (Print another pair of photo strips.)
  • Video Recording. Our booths can record a 30 second video message from your guests!

What’s included?

    • Unlimited Photo Sessions
    • 100% Touch Screen
    • Custom Labeling
    • Custom Background Colors
    • Custom Graphic Design, or you can provide your own images.
    • All Images and video taken in the booth burned onto a DVD.
    • An Attendant for the duration of the event.  Including setup and take down
    • A box full of Props
    • Prints are created with a commercial dye-sublimation printer which means zero drying time (no waving them in the air)!
    • We are fully insured.

Here is a video of how our booths work and their features!

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Have one more minute? Check out a quick little photo booth fun from a recent wedding!